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Instructional Faculty - Lecturer (REMOTE)

Instructional Faculty - Lecturer (REMOTE)


Instructional Faculty – Lecturer 


The University of California San Diego Richard C. and Rita L. Atkinson Physician Assistant Education program invites applications for a 24-week part-time position to serve as Instructional Faculty – Lecturer of Human Physiology and Pathophysiology. The successful candidate is responsible for the instruction and content delivery of PAE 214 – Human Physiology & Pathophysiology I and PAE 224 – Human Physiology & Pathophysiology II. This position reports directly to the Associate Dean/Program Director and is renewable yearly.

Course Delivery


Scope of Work


Knowledge and expertise in theory, content, and clinical applications of human physiology and pathophysiology.


Effectively teach a distance/online course.

Provide quality instruction (developmental, multicultural, applied learning) and support to a diverse student body.

Instructional planning and presentation, incorporating critical thinking, and general education outcomes in the discipline’s course content.

Effectively communication with peers, in particular the course and program’s leadership teams.


Demonstrate teaching strategies that focus on student-centered learning.

Direct and assist learners during active online learning space experiences.

Explore and incorporate learning technologies and use of multimedia technology to enhance learning.

Perform learning outcomes and assessments.

Demonstrate a commitment to improving student learning through innovative strategies that aid student success and retention and reflect industry trends.

Course Details & Work Period


PAE 214 4 credits 12 weeks 4 lecture hrs/wk 1/16/24 – 4/5/24

PAE 224 4 credits 12 weeks 4 lecture hrs/wk 4/8/24 – 6/28/24


Employment Type & Pay Rate 

The position is paid an hourly wage as an independent contractor. The total weekly hour commitment for each course is 7 hours/week. The following details describe payment for each course.

PAE 214 – Human Physiology & Pathophysiology I

4 lecture hrs/week x 12 wks = 48 hrs x $120/hr = $5760

2 prep hrs/week x 12 wks = 24 hrs x $120/hr = $2880

1 virtual office hr/week x 12 wks = 12 hrs x $120/hr = $1440

Total = $10,080

PAE 223 – Human Physiology & Pathophysiology II

4 lecture hrs/week x 12 wks = 48 hrs x $120/hr = $5760

2 prep hrs/week x 12 wks = 24 hrs x $120/hr = $2880

1 virtual office hr/week x 12 wks = 12 hrs x $120/hr = $1440

Total = $10,080

Work Evaluation

Work in this role will be evaluated each quarter by course evaluations completed by learners. Each lesson will be attended by the assigned PA program Instructor of Record for observation and review purposes. Comprehensive End of Course evaluation assistance is required.


Minimum Qualifications

Master's degree or higher from an accredited academic institution in a relevant discipline

  • Must provide a documented background in educational methodology consistent with teaching assignments including but not limited to education theory and practice, or current concepts relative to specific subjects they will be teaching, or current clinical practice experience, or distance education techniques and delivery.

Prior experience teaching human physiology and pathophysiology

Online/distance learning experience

Experience using an online course management system

Preferred Qualifications

MD/DO, PA, NP or other related healthcare professional

Prior experience teaching healthcare students

Experience teaching with Canvas, ExamSoft, Zoom, and Panopto

Knowledge of Apple iPad use and educational integration

  • Cover letter with language justifying qualifications including expertise to teach the subject matter
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Proof of average to above average teaching evaluations from at least one prior course taught no more than 5 years old

Hiring Timeline

Position to be filled by March 30, 2023

About San Diego

UC San Diego Health Sciences is a top-ranking, $1 billion dollar plus future oriented organization, encompassing 14 departments (12 clinical, 2 basic sciences), 2 professional schools (School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences), 2 hospitals, and various other programs and units all dedicated towards fulfilling the Health Sciences missions. As a top-ranking, future oriented organization, UC San Diego Health Sciences offers challenging career opportunities in a fast-paced and innovative environment. The Vice Chancellor’s Office follows a progressive philosophy of career-path development for its employees.

The Medical Education Division supports the education, training and co-curricular activities of 536 medical students, 800 residents and fellows, as well as the faculty, physician and healthcare providers at UCSD’s School of Medicine, its' Medical Centers, and affiliates. It consists of Admissions & Student Affairs (including Health Sciences Financial Aid), Undergraduate Medical Education, Graduate Medical Education, Continuing Medical Education, Diversity & Community Partnerships, Anatomical Preparation Services, Educational Computing, Events Management, the Simulation Training Center and a central business office. The School of Medicine Graduate Programs consist of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, Neurosciences Graduate Program, Medical Scientist Training Program and the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program.

Additional Info

Job Type : Part-time

Company : UC San Diego

Address : 9500 Gilman Drive MC-0616

City, State & Zip : La Jolla, CA 92071

Contact Name : Elias Villarreal

Contact Email :

Title : Associate Dean

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